Looking for a Corporate PBX or PABX phone System?

Astro Communications has the right products and the right people to get your company communicating. Too many large organizations have a poorly managed communications which ultimatly leads to loss of revenue.

The way your staff communicate has a dramatic effect on how the public perceives your organization. Here at Astro, we won't just sell equiptment, we sell solutions. We backup our systems with a free maintenance contract for the first 12 months after purchase.

Unlike the small business market where sales are highly influenced by price, it is far more important when purchasing a corporate system to consider the overall solution on offer and the ability of the phone company to deliver this solution in a timely and professional manner. We recognize this and we have a special team dedicated to enterprise level PBX systems and VOIP solutions. Call Astro today and let us design a custom solution to meet your needs and budget.

Multi site enterprise solutions

VOIP has changed the way businesses around the world are connecting. Offshore call centres are the norm and an increasing number of employers and employees alike are enjoying the mutual benefits of a flexible work from home arrangement, saving on travel time and costs and improving staff productivity.

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